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TLC Wax is considered to simply be the finest furniture wax and restorative anywhere!

We manufacture and sell waxes to clean, polish, protect, seal, and beautify your finest, most prized antiques and furniture. Our wax is a self-stripping, restorative blend of the finest carnauba and beeswax with mineral spirits. Many antique dealers from around the country purchase and use our waxes. Our wax customers also include museums, furniture dealers, interior decorators, artists, and, of course, just plain folks who have precious heirlooms and beautiful antiques.

After being in the fine antiques business for over twenty years, we discovered that the TLC product line is simply the finest line of wax products anywhere.



Let us begin by explaining that TLC wax is primarily a formulation of carnauba wax, beeswax, and a small amount of mineral spirits. When TLC wax is applied, the mineral spirits clean and lift old residues from the surface and allow the new wax to enter the pores of the surface. The results are an antique satin-finish patina that adds luster and beauty to the surface while providing a hard layer of protection. Obviously, if you have fine wooden furniture, whether new or antique, this product will clean and protect the surface. Our tinted TLC wax not only helps restore the surface, it also helps to maintain the color of the item, thus preserving its natural good looks...but read on. While we cannot be responsible for the results you get (or don't get), consider just a few of the uses our customers tell us about.

  • Hotels, offices, restaurants, and others with lots of brass apply TLC wax after they have cleaned the brass once. Then, periodically, they reapply TLC wax. The result is that the freshly cleaned and polished brass is protected from corrosion and oxidation and does not have to be cleaned again for a much longer period of time.

  • Antique dealers and restorers take our clear wax and add a little gold-colored, oil-based tint. Then they can "gold-leaf" picture frames and other objects, restoring them without loosing their antique look.

  • Antique dealers and restorers take our clear wax and add black, oil-based tint. With this, they can produce a beautiful black finish that carries the antique patina, the sheen, and luster of an old piece--a very nice finish.

  • Woodworkers use our colored waxes as the only finish for furniture they have built. Instead of linseed oil, which sometimes takes a long time to loose its oiliness, they rub in TLC wax. Two or three coats and they have a beautiful, evenly stained finish that will last as long as the piece they've made.

  • Woodworkers can also add color to our clear wax (see above for a couple of hints) to produce an antique-looking finish of almost any kind.

  • Interior decorators often use our wax to give a new item that antique-look. Often a bit of fine gold is added to our clear wax and that is applied over existing painted surfaces.

  • Not for the faint-of-heart, is the addition of oil-based (paint) colors to our clear product, thus producing a wax that can be rubbed onto a surface to give a new color overcoat. Depending upon how much paint is added, this can range from a near-transparent overcoat to a thick, translucent coating. Since the wax is rubbed on by hand, the resulting surface is smooth and gives a unique, antique appearance that is really quite beautiful.

  • Leather workers add color to their products while they apply a protective coating, just by rubbing in TLC wax.

  • OK, we will NOT be held responsible for this one, but lots of dealers take our wax and apply a coat over relatively new oil paintings. Why? First, it will help protect the painting from damage. But their real purpose is to give an antique look that they can't achieve in any other way. Melt a portion of clear wax at about 168 Fahrenheit, add oil based pigment (most umbers work very nicely) and apply. Be sure to test it first on the back of the painting and be sure to wait until it fully dries to test the effects.

  • Our clear wax makes a great traditional car polish. (For metals and leathers--test apply in an out-of-view spot on plastics before using since the mineral spirit may not do well on some plastics.)

  • Wax your boat or your appliances! (For metals and leathers--test apply in an out-of-view spot on plastics before using since the mineral spirit may not do well on some plastics.)

These are just a few ideas from our customers. We couldn't list all of the uses of TLC wax because there are so many, but this will give you an idea.

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How to use TLC Wax:

On wooden furniture, apply TLC wax with a 4/0 steel wool working in a medium size area. For other surfaces, apply TLC wax using a soft cloth. On plastics or painted surfaces, we recommend that you try a small, out-of-view area first--just as a safety precaution. Tinted TLC wax may temporarily discolor your skin, so you will probably want to wear rubber gloves while applying even small quantities of it--not a bad idea for any such product.

Remove old excess wax from the surface with a paper towel. (Remember that TLC wax is self-stripping, so you will, indeed, be wiping away old wax, thus preventing a build-up that would eventually dull and cloud the surface.) Allow the wax to harden approximately 10 to 15 minutes and buff to a shine with a soft, lint free cloth. If the surface acquires white heat marks, water rings, or even permanent marker stains, simply re-wax the damaged area, remove excess wax, allow hardening for 10 to 15 minutes, and buff to a shine.

TLC wax does contain mineral spirits which are poison if ingested. Hence, you should avoid ingestion, prolonged contact with the skin, or breathing of vapors. Keep away from eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always use TLC wax in an area with plenty of ventilation.

If the product is accidentally ingested, seek medical help immediately. If a rash, cough, or other symptoms occur when you use the product, immediately discontinue usage and seek medical advice.


Available in:

CLEAR A clear wax which can be used on all woods, most metals, and most leather products to clean, polish, and protect the surface. Since the wax is colorless, it will not add any coloration to the surface. Also, since it is clear, colors can be added for special uses and effects (see above).

LIGHT BROWN This product can be used on light-brown wood finishes, such as light-oak, some maple and birch finishes, etc. It can also be used on many leather products.

DARK BROWN Can be used on wood finishes with a dark-brown color, usually such as walnut, some mahogany finishes, etc.

RED BROWN Should be used on wood surfaces which already have a reddish-brown tint, such as many mahogany or cherry finishes.




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